EMC and RF calibrations

Calibration and testing under accreditation

DARE!! Calibrations is market leader in the field of EMC and radio frequent calibrations. DARE!! Calibrations is one of the few accredited laboratories capable of calibrating all EMC measurement instruments of different types/manufacturers under accreditation and/or to test under the relevant EMC standard.

EMC Calibrations

A wide range of specific test and measuring instruments are used to determine emissions and immunity of electrical and electronic equipment. This phenomenon is known as Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). Based on the measurement results obtained with these instruments EMC products are also accepted or rejected. It is therefore essential to guarantee the reproducibility and traceability of these measurement results. These depend mainly on the quality of the measurement instruments used. The only way to ensure the quality and traceability, is the periodic calibration of these instruments and the application of international standards and procedures which are optimized for specific applications of the device.


Calibration of antennas can be performed in accordance to the SAE ARP 958 method (used for military application) as well as the 'Reflective Ground Plane method' (ANSI C63.5) that is used mostly for antennas for CE Markering (EMC Directive).

Measurement receivers

A measurement receiver (or spectrum analyser) can be used for multiple uses. For the "standard" high frequenty measurements or for specific EMC measurements. In the latter case the measurement receiver needs to meet with the CISPR standards. DARE!! Calibrations can calibrate measurement receivers from all brands accredited by these norms including CISPR detectors.


The calibration procedures are tuned to the application of the measurement instruments in accordance to the international standards of the EMC directive (2004/104/EC). In general these are the basic standards of the IEC 61000-4/EN 61000-4 series. DARE!! Calibrations follows the development of international standards in order to be able to adapt to these structural changes in the calibration process in a timely manner.

Technical competency

DARE!! Calibrations performs fully traceable calibrations under accreditation for almost all EMC measurement instruments:

  • RF amplifiers
  • RF generators
  • Absorbing clamps
  • EFT / Burst generators
  • ESD generators
  • Surge Generators
  • LISN's
  • Clamps
  • Spectrum analyzers, including CISPR 16 detectors
  • EMI measuring receivers
  • Antennas (SAE / ANSI C63.5)
  • E-/H-field sensors
  • RF power meters
  • Attenuators
  • Shielded rooms (MRI or 'Cage of Faraday')
  • Anechoic chambers (NSA or Site VSWR)

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