Machinery Directive Testing

Measurements according to the Machinery Directive

Machines may only be put into service or be brought on the market when they do not pose a thread or cause harm to humans and animals. This is recorded in the decision CE marking of the European Union. In other words: machines should fulfill the essential criteria as lined out in annex 1 of the European Machine Directive 98/37/EEG (which will be replaced by 2006/42/EG on december 29, 2009).

This directive puts forth requirements for machines with regard to a number of safety issues in the field of mechanical safety, fire, temperature, explosion, construction, electrical safety, Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC), control and user manual and installation instruction. Before one can assume a machine is safe a number of measurements, inspections and analyses should be carried out. The how and what is described in harmonized European standards.

DARE!! Measurements is acquainted with these standards as well as with the described methods and techniques. You can contact us for risk assessments based on standards like:

  • EN 14121-1
  • EN 12100-1
  • EN 13850
  • EN 349
  • EN 953

But also for related standards with regard to electrical safety in conformance of the Low Voltage Directive as:

  • EN 60204
  • EN 60335
  • EN 60950

And standards with regard to Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) e.g.:

  • EN 61000
  • EN 55014
  • EN 55022

The Machine Directive is also subject of one of the training modules offered by DARE!! Instruments (click here for an overview of all our courses). The best school is often the (harsh) real world. In order to keep the costs of this experience limited, DARE!! Instruments offers training and consultancy, next to the so called quick scans of DARE!! Measurements.

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