Job opportunities

Jobs at DARE!!

DARE!! is a young, flexible Dutch company with a dynamic and enthusiastic staff. Our objective is to remain on the cutting edge of training, research & development and consultancy. To re-enforce our staff we regularly are looking for motivated, independent and enthousiastic new colleagues.

Who are we?

DARE!! is a profesional and international orientated high tech family company with over 70 employees. It is a company which is located in the Green Hearth of the Netherlands and is on the map globally. Driven by innovation, lead and technology to be able to make an important contribution to make it safe and interference free.

Development and innovation are of great importance at DARE!!. We show this in the innovative high-end products we produce and in the ambition and drive of our colleagues.

Take a look at our vacancies (Dutch)!

What can we offer you?

A fulltime job, a corresponding salary and anual profit sharing. DARE!! aims to offer their employees a permanent contract. We continuesly offer education and training to keep up with the developments of the market and technology. DARE!! offers an environment with the opportunity to develop yourself.