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R&TTE - Medical devices - Military

DARE!! Measurements is the test house that performs full compliant measurements (carried out fully in accordance with the standard). Based on these measurements and examinations our customers can obtain their product with CE marking (self certification) and they can also draw a declaration of conformity.

DARE!! Measurements performs measurements and examinations under the following Directives:

  • ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC directive)
  • Product Safety
    • Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
    • Machine Directive
  • Automotive Directive
  • FCC Standards

Next to this measurements and examinations are carried out in accordance to:

Aside from full compliant measurements and examinations, so called Quick Scans or engineering measurements can be performed.

DARE!! Measurements is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) under registration number L279.

Moreover DARE!! Measurements is a Notified Body under the EMC Directive, a Technical Service for the Automotive Directive and a Notified Body for the Low Voltage Directive. For the American car industry (Ford, GM and Chrysler) DARE!! Measurements is, as only company in the BeNeLux, AEMCLRP (Automotive EMC Lab Recognition Program) accredited.

For more information about measurements and examinations under Medical Device Directive, R&TTE Directive or Military Standards you can use our contact form.

You can also call or email us. Please see the contact information above.