Product Certification in the context of CE marking

DARE!! Medical Certifications is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) to perform product certifications accordenace the ISO17065. DARE!! Medical Certifications carries out product certification for EMC, Product Safety and Medical devices. On basis of these accreditations DARE!! is appointed as Notified Body for the EMC-directive and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

DARE!! Medical Certifications is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council under registration number C447. Click here for the scope.

Read more about the use of accrediting in this brochure of the RvA.

DARE!! Medical Certifications performs product certifications. At this moment there are three certification schemes:

  • EMC Directive
  • Low Voltage Directive
  • Medical Devices Directive

You can contact us for more information about one of the certification schemes, the certification process, the rights/duties of the applicant, the rules regarding the use of certificates and certification marks or for more information about product certifications granted by DARE!! Medical Certifications. For a quotation request, please click here.

DARE!! Medical Certifications is a tradename of Dijkstra Advies, Research & EMC Services B.V. This independent operating company is financialy independent and fully realises its turnover customer service.

The statutory name of DARE!! Medical Certifications is:

Dijkstra Advice, Research & EMC Services B.V.

Managing Director of this operating company is Dennis van der Vlugt.

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