Automotive testing

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DARE!! Measurements is a full compliant test house that perform tests and measurements for customers so that the E-Marking (type approval) can be obtained on vehicles or automotive products and components.

Regarding the Automotive Directive DARE!! Measurements provides the following:

  • Quickscan measurements / engineering tests
  • Measurements for type tests
  • Full compliant test reports
  • E Marking applications
  • Testing Conformity of Production (COP)
  • Assisting making an EMC tesplan
  • Development LIN Description Files
  • GSM simulation
  • GPS simulation
  • Water and air pressure supply on request

Measurements for type approval

In order to be able to place automotive vehicles or components or Electrical Sub Assemblies (ESA) on the market a type approval conform the following regulations is required. DARE!! Measurements is accredited for the tests as described in the following directives and regulations. Also DARE!! Measurements is assigned by the RDW as a Technical Service.

Directives and regulations


Directive / Reg.


Regulation 10, rev. 5 (VN)

Uniform provisions concerning the approval of vehicles with regard to electromagnetic compatibility

97/24/EC, Ch 8

EMC, two and three wheel vehicles


EMC, agricultural and forestry tractors

2004/104/EC: Adaptation of Directive 72/245/EEC and amendment of Directive 70/156/EEC (Europe)

Radio Interference by spark-ignition engines fitted to motor vehicles

Click here for a list of harmonised automotive standards based on 2004/104/EG to be amended by the 2009/19/CE October 1st 2009.

Important: Based on the regulations 661/2009 the 2004/104/EC (e-marking) has been withdrawn on November 1st 2014. As a result of this from November 1st 2014 only regulation 10 (R10) is applicable. Aftermarket devices (aftermarket) with a non-immunity related function, have to be tested conformity EN 50498 (2010). This is required as of July 1st 2013.

Click here for a list of harmonised automotive standards based on 2005/83/EG. The combined version can be found here.

Specific automotive tests

In addition to the tests mandatory for E-marking according to R10 or R100 DARE!! Measurements also perform tests and measurements in accordance to the following automotive standards:

  • Pulse tests in accordance with ISO 7637
  • Immunity tests in accordance with ISO 11452
  • ESD tests in accordance with ISO 10605
  • CISPR 25
  • Brand specific automotive requirements (Renault, Honda, Volkswagen, BMW, PSA, etc.)
  • AEMCLRP (GM, Ford, Chrysler)

US automotive

Test results from DARE!! Measurements are accepted by the American automotive industry (e.g. General Motors, Ford, Daimler-Chrysler). (Formerly known as AEMCLRP).

Technical competence

Our technical competence ranges from DC until 18 GHz and from 3 V/m until 200 V/m. Standards under the Automotive Directive cover a frequency band till 2 GHz. At this moment many sources of disturbance like WiFi (2,4 GHz), Portable Computers and microwave transmitters operate in access of this frequency. DARE!! Measurements perform measurements till 40 GHz.

For example immunity tests according to the Automotive Directive are prescribed until 30 V/m. However many automotive customers require ESA's to comply with much higher immunity levels. DARE!! Measurements can generate fields to 200 V/m.


An anechoic chamber with all necessities for an an Automotive test:

  • 4 meter (13 feet) turntable maximum weight of 12,5 tons
  • Exhaust gas extraction
  • GSM simulation
  • GPS simulation
  • Compatible for LIN and CAN, including the possibility of the development of LIN Description Files(LDF)
  • Water and compressed air supply

ESD tests

The Automotive Directive encompasses no requirements for ESD. DARE!! Measurements can perform ESD tests at levels till 30 kV.

Full compliant test report

In order to be able to apply for e-marking a formal test report from a Technical Service is required. DARE!! Measurements provides test reports under accreditation, which are readily accepted by the national authorities.

Application for E-marking

The national authorities require a number of forms to be completed and several technical documents need to be submitted. DARE!! Measurements can assist you in the application process. Our consultants know the requirements and have the experience to obtain E-marking in a cost effective manner.

Conformity of Production (CoP) testing

The Automotive Directive requires conformity of production. This means that it is needed to prove that produced vehicles, components and ESA's are conform the originally approved type. The quality system should encompass a documented control plan to assure continued conformity (for example certified in accordance with ISO 9000 series or equivalent). In addition the RDW will always perform a so called Initial Assessment.

An alternative is the evaluation of a quality assurance program by the national authorities. The review requires the examination of the quality assurance documents and will usually ask for an on-site visit once every three year.

The verification of Conformity of Production (CoP) may also be extended to the actual testing of selected production samples. At DARE!! Measurements we can make planning agreements for random testing at our facilities, keeping your CoP up to date and inline with your Quality Assurance Plan.

Quality and Accreditations

DARE!! Measurements is accredited by the Dutch RDW under certification number RDW-99050006-01 as a Technical Service and by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) as an accredited test laboratory (L279 UK).


Experienced consultants from DARE!! Instruments can assist you in solving specific technical problems related to EMC problems in automotive vehicles, components or STU's. Consultancy can be performed based on 'time and material' as well as 'No Cure No Pay'.



Freq. (in MHz)


Broadband electromagnetic interference 1

CISPR 25 (2008), par. 6.4

UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 7

30 - 75 MHz
75 - 400 MHz
400 - 1.000 MHz

62 - 52 dBuV/m
52 - 63 dBuV/m
63 dBuV/m

Narrowband electromagnetic interference 2

CISPR 25 (2008), par. 6.4
UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 8

30 - 75 MHz
75 - 400 MHz
400 - 1.000 MHz

52 - 42 dBuV/m
42 - 53 dBuV/m
53 dBuV/m

Electromagnetic Radiation, Radiated immunity 2

ISO 11452-2 (2004)
UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 9

200 - 2.000 MHz

30 V/m

Electromagnetic Radiation, Bulk Current Injection 2

ISO 11452-4 (2011)
UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 9

20 - 200 MHz


60 mA


Immunity to transient disturbances along supply lines

ISO 7637-2 (2011)
UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 10

Pulse 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b and 4

Immunity test level III

Emission of conducted disturbances 3

ISO 7637-2 (2011)
UN R10 (Rev. 5), Annex 10

Pulse 1, 2a, 2b, 3a, 3b and 4

12 V system: +75 V/ -100 V
24 V system: +150 V/-450 V

1. Not applicable when ESA has no clock oscillator with a frequence of 9 kHz or higher.
2. Not applicable when ESA has no 'immunity related functions'
3. Not applicable when ESA has no switches of inductive loads.

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