Measurements in the field of CE marking, EMC and Product Safety

The CE marking of electronic and electrotechnical products, machines and instalations is not always easy. That is why DARE!! gives guidance on the field of CE marking and the european guidelines and norms that direct or indirect have something to do with CE marking. You can make use of our free norm selection services.

DARE!! Instruments are the autority on the field of electromagnetic compatibility(EMC). The execution of EMC measurements is one thing to solve the EMC problem is something quite different. Our EMC consultans have an extensive experience with solving EMC interferences and EMC related problems. They have solved big EMC problems around te world. preventing is better than fixing. prevent EMC problems with our unique EMC comprehensive solution.

We can also execute a EMC Site Survey on the spot. You wil get an insight on interferences of the location you are at.

Besides the experts of DARE!! give adivice about product safety, Radio and Telecom products, automotive elctronics and medical devices.

We have a new EMC Test Center where you can execute your own EMC measurements. It doesn't work out? Our engineers are ready to help you!

For years there is a sharp rise in the number of electrical appliances. Diveces who emit intentually as well as devices who emit unintentually both of these contribute to the emmision of electromagnetic fields. At the same time more and more devices are provided with microproccesors which are influenced by EM-fields. This leads to a steady increase of the questions concerning CE marking and an increasing number of "EMC problems" with product safety and electromagnetic compatibility(EMC-interferences).

At DARE!! you can not only get guidance on EMC and CE, but also get norm selection and guidance on the field op product safety. So do you have problems with EMC interferences or problems with making your product safe than contact us now!

DARE!! Measurements provides consults in the field of:

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