EMC E-field sensor – RadiSense 10

Laser powered field probe for radiated immunity EMC testing.

The RadiSense 10 is a very accurate electrical field sensor which can be used to measure the field strength during radiated immunity tests in an EMC facility. DARE!! Instruments invented the first laser powered E-field probe already in 1999. With the development of the RadiSense 10 E-field probe DARE!! Instruments has achieved another breakthrough in the overall measurement accuracy of electrical field strength probes. The RadiSense 10 field strength sensor thanks his accuracy to the decades of experience with developing field probes within DARE!! Instruments. With the introduction of the RadiSense 10 electric field probe nearly every aspect of the product has been improved. All these improvements now result in the most accurate laser powered E-field probe in the world! The RadiSense 10 has six (6) measuring axis, a laser power supply, a small measuring volume and is very fast and the most accurate probe in the world. The RadiSense field strength sensor is controlled by a RadiCentre read-out system, this is an appurtenant part of the e-field probe system. Next to this the RadiSense can be controlled by a PC, running RadiMation Free software.


  • Frequency range: 9 kHz – 11 GHz
  • Measuring range (V/m): 1 – 600 V/m
  • Measuring speed: 1.000 measurements per second, > 48.000 samples per second
  • Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 49 mm
  • Power supply: Laser Power (LPS)

Further specifications can be found in the product leaflet.

Superb Isotropy

The RadiSense 10 uses six (6) measurement axis which provides superior isotropic performance compared to traditional three axis probes. The superb isotropic response is a result of the combination of: the 6-axis design, extreme small size, the patented design of the housing and a unique antenna element design.

High speed & wide band

The RadiSense 10 E-field probe offers a maximum speed of 1,000 isotropic measurements per second and over 48,000 samples per second. This enables fast EMC immunity testing under all circumstances, including reverberation chamber applications.

Due to its unique antenna design, an extremely wide frequency range from 9 kHz to 12 GHz is covered with a single E-field probe. This makes the RadiSense 10 E-field probe ideal for nearly any (EMC) test application.

Small and accurate

One of the main contributions in overall measurement accuracy is the overall measurement volume of the new probe. With the dimension of 49 mm in any direction the RadiSense 10 E-field probe provides the smallest measurement volume available on the market! Due to its small size, extremely accurate measurements can be performed, even in small environments like TEM- and GTEM cells.

Laser technology

DARE!! Instruments invented the first laser powered E-field probe already in 1999. The RadiSense 10 field probe uses the latest in laser technology, fibers and power converters to guarantee flawless and safe operation. The laser supply allows for 24/7 operation at the highest speed and unprecedented accuracy.

Internal calibration data

All frequency and linearity calibration data is stored inside the probe. In addition, the frequency dependent calibration data (obtained from any accredited calibration laboratory) can also be stored inside the probe. Due to the internal calibration data, there is no need to apply frequency dependent corrections for individual axis’. This results in a high accuracy and ease-of-use. An easy to use software tool can be used to upload the calibration data, over a single high-speed bi directional fiber, to the probe.

Operation of the RadiSense

The RadiSense makes use of a plug-in card which fits in to the RadiCentre EMC system. The plug-in card of the RadiSense fits in 1 slot in a RadiCentre. The RadiCentre has three different models; a single, double or seven slot version and is fully flexible, modular and expandable. The RadiCentre provides the main platform of every DARE!! Instruments Radi-product measuring instrument. The RadiCentre can control multiple instruments at the same time. The single slot RadiCentre can be read out by a PC. Both the 2 and 7 slot version make use of a 7” TFT touchscreen which can be used for control and monitoring, but can also be read out by a PC. The RadiCentre makes fully automated testing available.

The RadiCentre, herewith the RadiSense is controllable by USB, RS-232 and GPIB. Next to this the RadiCentre can be used with RadiMation EMC test software or any other EMC test software package. The RadiSense field sensor can also be controlled (single instrument control) by a free version of RadiMation EMC test software.

The RadiSense probe is standard being delivered with a fixed 1,5 meter fibre optic cable (for the laser and data), an additional 10 meter fibre optic extension cable and coupling set (FC/FSMA). Extension fibres until the maximum length of 500 meters are available on request.

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