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EMC equipment and EMC software

DARE!! Instruments develops and produces high quality EMC equipment like EMC measurement instruments and full automated EMC test software.

DARE!! Instruments has developed a number of unique products in the field of EMC measurements and calibrations.

An overview of our EMC equipment en EMC measurement software:

RadiMation®: The integrated software for automated EMC measurements. The software enables fast and accurate EMC measurements and supports all commercially available EMC equipment.

RadiCentre®: The one-, two- or seven-slot 19-inch rack mountable system. For RadiSense®, RadiPower®, RadiGen®, RadiControl®, RadiMate®, RadiLink® and RadiSwitch® modules.

RadiField® Triple A®: The series of EMC Field Generators. The revolutionary new approach to generate Electromagnetic Fields from 1 GHz to 6 GHz up to 10 V/m at 3 meter distance. The compact, efficient and scalable solution for all field needs.

RadiSense®: The unique family of battery-free (laser supplied) isotropic e field sensors allows measurements with field strengths of 0,25 V/m till 4000 V/m in the frequency range of 10 kHz to 18 GHz. Its small dimensions make it the ideal probes for measurements in small cells and non-stop measurements.

RadiGen®: Family of EMC / RF Signal Generators.

RadiLink®: The optical alternative for the coaxial cable with wide dynamic range up to 3 GHz.

RadiSwitch®: The solution for low loss switching of high frequency (RF) signals. Several switch cards available with SPDT^and SP6T relays in BNC, N-type, SMA type (18GHz) and K-type (40GHz) with power levels up to 700W. All cards are intended for use in the RadiCentre®.

RadiPower®: The successful range of EMC / RF power meters for EMC and Telecom applications. From 4 kHz to 18 GHz, CW, Burst/Pulse and Wireless versions. Due to the high speed, even at low power, it is the ideal power meter for fast and accurate EMC measurements.

RadiControl®: The universal controler card for EMC turntables and antenna masts

RadiTower®: The unique antenna tower for EMC measurements and calibrations in anechoic rooms and Open Area Test Sites (OATS).

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