RadiMation Support

The best supported EMC software

The RadiMation development team is making an extreme effort to enhance the functionality of the EMC test package. At the same time we offer extensive and unprecedented support for our software.

Fourth Generation!

Since the introduction of RadiMation in 1995, the software has been rewritten four times. At this moment the software is completely up to date to make use of the latest development in PC hardware and software. Thus RadiMation support Windows 7 and Windows 8 as well as 32 bit and 64 bit hardware. In the field of interfacing RadiMation supports apart from the industry standards IEEE488 (GPIB) and RS232 more recent interfaces like LAN and USB.

Wide Array of Checking Device Drivers

RadiMation supports a wide array of device drivers. Unlike other packages RadiMation device drivers are checking the commands. So after each given command RadiMation checks whether the command is completed by the device in a proper way. This is the only way to prevent incorrect measurements. The DARE!! policy is to support all devices from all vendors as long as the device is meant for EMC testing and is still supported by the vendor. Find here the complete list of supported device drivers.

Support Contract

Customers with a Support Contract are not only entitled to new functionality and new versions of the software but can also file an issue report to have bugs or problems corrected. This is important as new equipment is purchased and new firmware in current instruments will be upgraded as well. In order for RadiMation to support these new instruments and firmware a Support Contract is essential!

Continues Support

Over the years RadiMation has been continuesly developed and further enhanced. In the meantime the software is still backwards compatible. So data generated in the previous century can still be handled by the last version of RadiMation. Not many industry packages can make this claim!

State of the Art development environment

The RadiMation package is developed in the Microsoft .NET environment and for the instrument drivers Microsoft Visual C++ is used.

RadiMation Support Tools

DARE!! Instruments provides RadiMation users with a wide array of support tools. Find all avaliable support tools on this page.

The RadiMation support team offers the following support tools to enable you to make full use of the RadiMation software.