RadiMation Issue Report


If you experience an issue with your RadiMation® test software or you simply have a request or question, please fill in the form on this page or use the “RadiLog” which is the automatic logging tool available in RadiMation® versions 2016.1.x and up. Please fill in the form in English!

The goal of the Issue Reporting Procedure is to accomplish quick and effective support service. In general, a new problem (issue) can only be solved if our RadiMation® support team will be able to reproduce the problem. The issue report procedure is intended to store and provide all relevant information that is needed to investigate and reproduce the issue.

RadiMation® version 2016.1.x and up incorporates the “RadiLog” automatic logging tool which is automatically running in background and captures all communication. In case of a problem event, all relevant information can be transferred to the RadiMation® support team by pressing the ‘show details’ button when there is an error.

Upon receipt of a new reported issue the RadiMation® support team will provide a unique issue number (#xxxx). This refence number should be used during all further communication in relation to the specific issue.
For the severity categories please find the explanations on the bottom of this page.

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The RadiMation Support team distinguishes the following categories:

9 - Required device driver: A device driver of a measurement instrument must be created.
- Wish: The RadiMation software is missing functionality which should be evaluated for implementation
7 - Question: You have a question about the operation of the RadiMation software
6 - Cosmetic: The software functions normal but the lay-out of the screens is not correct.
5 - Unexpected Functionality: The RadiMation software functions in an unexpected manner
4 - Mandatory new functionality: Functionality that is currently not implemented, but that is required to provide support for a new standard or measurement method.
3 - Crash/Issue - No Data Loss: The RadiMation software crashes but no data is lost
2 - Issue with Data Loss: The RadiMation software contains a problem that resulted in a situation that data is lost
1 - Incorrect Measurement: The RadiMation software produces incorrect measurement results