CB Scheme Certification

IECEE CB Scheme Product Certification

Product Certification according to the CB Scheme of the International Electrotechnical Commission for Electrical Equipment.

Product certification for the IECEE CB Scheme

International recognition for your product

The IECEE CB Scheme

The International Electro Technical Commission (IEC), headquartered in Geneva, runs an international verification scheme under the name "IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electro Technical Equipment and Components", a system also known under the name CB Scheme.

The CB Scheme is an international program developed by the International Electro Technical Commission for Electrical Equipment (IECEE) in order to enable the worldwide acceptance of product safety testing between laboratories and certification bodies. The IECEE CB Scheme is a multi-lateral agreement that allows for the international certification of electronic products. This way one single certification ensures the worldwide market access.

Worldwide market access

With a CB certificate the customer obtains the opportunity to place their product on the worldwide market. Besides with a CB certificate of Kiwa other certificates can be requested.

Dutch situation

In the Netherlands the Dutch Electro Technical Committee (Nederlands Elektrotechnisch Commitee (NEC)) is the so called Member Body (MB). Under this MB operate two so called National CB's or NCB's: DEKRA Certification B.V. and Kiwa Nederland B.V. Besides these two NCB's, that operate their own laboratory, is DARE!! Measurements the only other Dutch laboratory notified as CB Test Laboratory (CBTL).


Kiwa and DARE!! Services, the operating company under which DARE!! Measurements resides, have signed a cooperation agreement. With respect to the CB Scheme DARE!! Measurements will perform tests in conformity with the appropriate IEC standards. Based on the performed tests and examinations, DARE!! Measurements will draw up a so called CB report. Based on this report Kiwa Nederland B.V. may issue a CB certificate, which allows customers to place their product on the worldwide market.
Excellent basis for cooperation
In the Benelux DARE!! is the leading partner in the fields of EMC. However, organisations that operate outside Europe are interested in more than the tests and examinations for the CE marking. Often they look for an international certification. As a CBTL residing under the NCB Kiwa, now DARE!! is able to offer this service to her customers.


At this moment the scope of DARE!! Measurements encompasses the following CB product categories:

  • Electro Magnetic Compatibility in conformity with most EMC standards (EMC)