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OEM EMC measurements

EMC measurements according to OEM specific standards

Apart from the formal E-marking most automotive manufacturers have their own set of EMC standards. As such the "Big Three" (Ford, GM en Chrysler) American automotive manufacturers use to have their own combined accreditation program. Although this program is withdrawn each of them has its own accreditation schem. If a subcontractor of one of these brands wants to have an electronic component (ESU: Electronic Sub Unit) incorporated into these vehicles, it is required to be tested by an accredited laboratory.

DARE!! Measurements is the biggest independent automotive EMC test laboratorium in the BeNeLux and the only accredited laboratorium for these manufacturers.

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Approved test plan

Before these kind of specific tests can be carried out, a test plan has to be drawn up. Before the tests may be started, this test plan must be approved by the concerning vehicle manufacturer. This is a most of the time a more stringent requirement than with regular E Marking.

High requirements

There are also higher requirements for the AEMCLRP tests. Most times more than one sample must be tested. There are also special extra tests regarding the pulses and interrupts on the board net, and the immunity for radar pulses (1,2 GHz - 1,4 GHz en 2,7 GHz - 3,1 GHz) is tested on very high levels.

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