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New Employees

Getting started at DARE!!

DARE!! is a dynamic company. Occasionally we welcome new colleagues. In our newsletter we like to present them to you.

New Employees

From February 3rd untill May 16th Jordy Pouw will be working as an intern at DARE!! He is following the study business administrator at the ID College in Woerden.

From February 10th untill April 25th Jan-Willem van der Wind will be working as an intern for DARE!! Instruments. He is following the study electrical engineer at the Hoorbeek College in Amersfoort.

From April 7th untill June 27th Arjan Habben Jansen will be working as an intern for DARE!!. He is following the study commercial economy at the MBO Utrecht.

We wish our new colleagues every success!

Jordy Pouw

Intern Administration

(DARE!! International)

Jan Willem van der Wind

Intern Instruments

(DARE!! Instruments)

Arjan Habben Jansen

Intern Marketing

(DARE!! International)

We wish our new employees succes in carrying out their work.

At the moment DARE!! offers work opportunities for 49 people (April 2014).