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DARE DC LF calibrations

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DARE!! Calibrations is an ISO 17025 accredited (RvA K063) calibration laboratory for all electronic variables in EMC/HF- and DC/LF-measuring instruments.

DARE!! Calibrations is an ISO17025 accredited (by the dutch council of accreditation (RvA) under number K063) calibration laboratory for all electrical magnitudes of DC to 40 GHz. The company focuses on efficient, cost effective and flexible calibration. Furthermore the company also adjusts and repairs.



Ampere meters


field strength sensors
Measurement receivers

Statutory name: Dijkstra Advice & Research EMC Services B.V

Trade name: DARE!! Calibrations

Vijzelmolenlaan 7
3447 GX Woerden
Tel.: 0348 43 18 07
Fax: 0348 43 06 45
Chamber of Commerce registration: 30138675
VAT Number: NL8056.13.468.B.01
Rabobank Utrechtse Waarden e.o.
IBAN: NL19RABO0158313704 - SWIFT code: RABONL2U
Legal entity: Besloten Vennootschap (Ltd.)

Our location is: 52o04'34"44N 4o53'23"44O

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