RadiMation - The Automated EMC Test Software Solution

Flexibility without Complexity!

EMC test software RadiMation® from DARE!! Instruments combines Immunity and Emission testing, radiated as well as conducted tests, in one integrated package for use throughout the EMC test facility.

Instead of automizing just a few (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) EMC tests, the user of the RadiMation® EMC test software can perform complete tests. RadiMation® EMC software is working closely with EMC-accredited laboratories. The heart of this package is a closed loop system which is optimized so that measurements can be performed quickly and accurately. This package supports any brand of EMC test equipment, all standards such as civil, automotive, military, aerospace and the test results can be easily exported. Tests are performed regularly, can be defined and implemented in series without the intervention of an engineer. All these properties together with the control of the device under test (EUT) and the automatic generation of a fully automated EMC test report is a reality.


Running EMC tests can be a time consuming process. Therefore, in the RadiMation® EMC test software package control of test instruments is optimized to the level where the dwell time at each frequency point become the only limiting factor. Tests regularly used, can be stored in a so-called technical set-up file (TSF), which directly refers to the applicable standard. This prevents the test engineers need to set settings again and again, it reduces errors and makes it possible battery of tests.

The test set-up files can be done in series (sequences) so that all tests without an engineer can take place. Sequences can be stored for future use. Furthermore, the information has to be inserted only once in RadiMation® EMC software which increases the rate and reduces the chance of errors.

User Friendly

All modules in the RadiMation® EMC test software have the same appearance and use (Look and Feel). This makes an engineer quickly warmed up to the other modules. For each module, all settings and other information is on one screen as much as possible. This gives the engineer a clear overview of how the test should be performed and what settings to use for this EMC software.

Automatic Report Generator

Since all information for a test report in RadiMation® EMC test software is available, the report may be generated automatically. The test engineer must only add the comments and conclusion. All information, acceptance / rejection, reviews, charts, used test equipment and EUT-related data are put into a standard word processor of choice such as Microsoft Word® or Excel®. The report appearance can be fully understood to be freely made because the standard forms can be easily adjusted with keywords that represent the test data.


There are more than 3,000 instruments drivers. All these drivers are included in the package and new drivers are free to develop commercially available EMC equipment, if it is still part of the manufacturers service.


The modular structure can be formed between functional levels. The following modules are available:

  • Radiated Immunity
  • Conducted emission
  • Conducted Immunity
  • ESD, EFT/Burst, Surge (manual)
  • Radiated emissions
  • Report Generator
  • Data export

Support for all EMC standards

RadiMation® supports all military and civil standards and even by specific customer-defined tests. Currently the RadiMation® EMC test software is used in the following fields:

  • Electronics in Vehicles (Automotive)
  • Business Electronics
  • Telecom equipment
  • Training
  • Medical Equipment
  • Defense / Military Equipment
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Industry (machinery, systems and installations)
  • R&D


The EMC software is open in three ways. First and most important the RadiMation® EMC test software can control all brands of instruments. While the device has an interface via GP-IB USB or RS-232 it can be connected to the system.

A device driver can be written for any type of instrument at no extra cost. Users can also write device drivers themselves with the help of configurable drivers.

Second, the data can be exported in many ways. Cut and paste, export to Excel format or in a comma separated file ways to achieve maximum flexibility and many benefit from the results obtained. Third, the package large extent can be modified to the requirements of the user. All functionalities at different levels can be made available to everyone or to a limited number of persons. All these points give you the customer choice. Free in selecting your favorite instrument, the best word processor, database or spreadsheet.


The RadiMation® EMC test software is extremely flexible. While on the one hand, a point-and-click philosophy is implemented the user has to adjust the software to its own tastes and the specific circumstances in this matter. Thus all of the equipment test site and stored so that it is instantly retrievable. Furthermore, the sequence of events to set. Can be chosen as the first aerial move, the turntable and then as the polarization of the antenna followed by the frequency step. This allows test speeds to be optimized based on the speed of the individual instruments.

Supports the engineer

EMC test engineers are highly trained and highly experienced people. In terms of motivation and costs it is important that engineers do not have to do "unpleasent chores" such as:

  • The EUT in the monitor
  • Drafting the report
  • Keeping the data together and look into manageable
  • Configuring the test multiple times

Traceable results

For quality control and the subsequent search of errors it is necessary that not only results but also all the processed raw data is stored. In case of unexplained phenomena, all results can be studied to clarify the cause of this event and may even a recalculation be performed of the raw data.

To fully operational test preparation to use, different checks are performed beforehand.

System requirements

The RadiMation® EMC test software works (and is tested) with Windows® 7 (32-bits and 64-bits) and Windows® 8 (32-bits and 64-bits) operating system on a dedicated PC with 1 GB of RAM (512 MB free RAM) or more, with a clock speed of more than 2 GHz.

Superior Support

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